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Vacuum Casting

We cast thermoset Polyurethane (TPU) and Silicone parts using soft Silicone or machined molds; this method is used to produce elastomers, rigid or over-molded parts for prototyping and low-volume manufacturing.

The silicone molds are handmade using a printed master pattern or your own part in order to create the mold cavity

This method of parts production is cost effective, fast, and provides excellent design flexibility such as: molded undercuts, colored/transparent parts, wide scale of elastomers (Shore A), rigid or semi rigid (Shore D) parts. 

biocompatible, flame retardant and UV resistant materials are available on demand.

Colors can also be added using pigments, how ever, not all colors can be achieved for all the materials since some materials have a natural color.

The mold's lifetime (number of parts that can be produced from a mold) and the production rate a mold can sustain depends on the material and geometry of the produced part, therefore the number of cavities and the mold production method will vary depending on the desired number of parts, production rate and budget.

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