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Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

3D Printing by sintering thermoplastic powder using infrared laser layer by layer. Selective Laser Sintering parts are built from high-end production grade thermoplastics, offering strong functional parts for both rapid-prototyping and rapid-manufacturing.

It is highly effective for low quantities serial production of small-medium size parts in batches varies from 1-10k parts.

After printing, all SLS parts can be further finished using various methods of painting, sanding, or Dyed to produce the premium quality parts needed for the project.

Vapor smoothing using AMT Blast process is now available at HIRSH


In our factor we currently have 4 production grade SLS machines:

EOS - P100, P110,  P395.

Farsoon - HT403P 

Bio compatible according to EN ISO 10993-1 and Food safe materials are available, Also, materials complies with UL-V0 and FAR 25.853 are available.


Effective maximal building volume: 375 mm x 375 mm x 590 mm.

We process regularly the following materials:

Natural Polyamide 12 (Nylon PA12) - PA2200.

Glass beads Polyamide 12 (Nylon PA12 GB) - PA3200.

Flame retardant Nylon 12 (Nylon PA12 FR) - PA2210FR.

Natural Polyamide 1212 (Nylon PA1212) - FS3300.

Other materials are available on request: TPE, TPU, PA6, PA11, PBT, HDPE and mineral or fiber filed derivatives of the above.

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