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Micro-Stereolithography (μSLA)

This stereolithography process builds accurate parts using thin layers and intricate support structures. A light source which generates and focus a small intense matrix of ultraviolet (UV) energy at a photosensitive liquid polymer, building your part layer by layer.

Micro-Stereolithography (μSLA) parts have great surface finish and tight tolerances, the materials used are high performance photo-polymers engineered to serve as production parts, functional prototypes, tools & JIGS with fine features.


After printing, all SLA parts can be further finished using various methods of painting, sanding, or sandblasting to produce the premium quality parts needed for the project.

In our factory we currently have two 3D Systems Figure4 machines producing parts at layer height of 10-50 microns in a wide range of materials for a wide variety of applications

Effective maximal building volume: 124mm x 70mm x 196mm.

We process the following materials on our μSLA systems:

3D Systems Pro Black 10

3D Systems Hi Temp 300

3D Systems Med Amb 10

3D Systems HT150 Flame Retardant

3D Systems Tough White 60

Other Materials are available on request.

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