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Rapid Injection Molding

Injection molding is the most common method of mass production of plastic parts today, in this method, thermoplastic polymers are injected into a mold to produce soft, rigid or over-molded parts.

We inject production-grade thermoplastic polymers such as: PP, PE, TPE (Elastomers), ABS, POM, Nylons and more using vertical BOY 35-ton molding machine.

The mold design is determined by the complexity and the desired number of parts, we build manual, semi automatic and fully automatic molds to fits the project needs.

The design of the mold will also affect the cost of the parts, manual molds will cut down cost and time to produce the mold but ramp up cost per part, therefore they mostly fitted to small series production.

We design and manufacture the molds in-house by CNC machining of Aluminum or tool steel.

in case EDM os reqfor fine details erosion unless necessary, we assist in modifying the part design to fit the manufacturing constraints and meet the design requirements.

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