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Paint & Supplementary Processing


An experience abundant paint room exists in the factory, we paint parts to any desired finish such as mat, silk-mat, glossy, nickel or anodize like and mat or gloss varnish coat.

We can mimic the textures of fine/rough mold erosion or "tup" finish that mimics photo-chemical hatching.

The paints are mixed in-house or pre-ordered achieve the exact color nuance defined by the customer and sprayed using paint air pistol, Colors may be selected from RAL and PANTONE color pallets or sample you supply.


Some materials be colored using dye bath pigments, in this technique the paint infiltrate into the material and bonds to it, no additional wall thickness is added and not alteration to the surface texture is made.

It is a cost effective method to color high quantities of parts but, unlike external paint, exact color matching is not possible and color shade may vary from batch to batch

Surface treatments:

Produced parts may be received in either raw finish or it can undergo surface treatment process to make part smooth, rough and coat sealed.
In our factory we have several grades of sand blasting and surface treatment machines and a highly qualified staff of model-makers for any fixing, assembling, filling, smoothing and polishing required.


We acquired over the year’s expertise in creating assemblies from a given part geometries to either reduce costs or take advantage of the virtue of different technologies.
We create mechanical locking interfaces in addition to glue adhesion to ensure part performance.

Threaded inserts:

Inserts are typically requested where strong, durable metal threads are required in plastic material, especially where frequent assembly and disassembly of the unit is necessary.
We regularly stock threaded brass inserts at various metric and inch sizes, the inserts and heated and pressed into the part at the specified locations.

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