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Prototype by definition is an early sample, model of the product or concept that we would like to learn from about the aesthetics, feel, function and performance of a design, final part or assembly.

Therefore, there are many types of prototypes, from mockups that represent only the outlines of the product in order to evaluate proportions and aesthetics up to fully functional assemblies from production-grade materials and paint to exactly simulate the product's look, feel, and performance.

Today every stage of the research and development of new products may and should include prototypes of various degrees of complexities so we are eager to hear your current needs and attempt to find optimal solutions together.

We offer engineers and designers the ability to produce prototypes fast, using a variety of technologies & materials. Our factory offers fast design iterations, physical performance, proof-of-concept, functional testing and scale models.


We offer unparalleled access to the tools of modern manufacturing, giving you the ability to continuously test function, fit, and form with a correct representation of the final part or product.

Low-volume manufacturing

Hirsh Prototypes provides totally integrated low-volume and short-run production services for the manufacturing of production parts in a variety of technologies & materials.


We encourage our customers to open discussion about their manufacturing needs and assist in adapting to the optimal manufacturing technologies.

We offer a wide array of production technologies and are helping to bridge the gap between full-scale production and prototyping.

Our Low-volume manufacturing service reduces time to market, enables design flexibility, reduces risk and helps save on cost of production.





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Our Story

Hirsh Prototypes was founded in 1980 at the beginning of the prototype age in Israel by Aliza & Ilan Hirsh. It was always known for striving to innovate in order to provide quality and fast service to its customers.


Today, the company employs 15 highly skilled modelers, product designers, and engineers that produce prototypes, mock-ups and production parts for hundreds of customers from entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small companies to defense & aerospace industries and multinational corporations.


Our vast experience and wide range of technological & materials infrastructure allow us to provide creative solutions and produce products according to the required budget and delivery time for any customer.


How we do it

Our manufacturing capabilities

A wide range of technologies enable us to fulfill any production demand. We at HIRSH believe in providing a complete service to our clients, therefore, throughout the years we adopted an unusual wide variety of manufacturing and supplementary-processing technologies, each complementary to the other.

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